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LIMENN Mind and Body Studio

Welcome to our Studio, where we offer a specialized approach to improving cognitive and emotional well-being. Our holistic therapy business is based in California and our services include addressing ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, reading and math challenges, self-esteem, coordination, balance, creativity, focus, concentration, problem-solving, organizational skills, emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, psychological and narcissistic abuse, and psychosomatic symptoms.


Our therapy serves adults, teens, children, and couples, and can benefit students, athletes, parents, executives, business owners, artists, and professionals. Our clients have experienced transformative effects of the therapy, with a sense of re-centering and re-focusing after sessions. Our specialized and supportive approach emphasizes the positive impact of Mary Underwood, the therapist.

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Mon -  Sat

8am - 9pm


(805) 308-6220



Santa Barbara, CA 

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