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Enhancing Inner Peace and Focus

Updated: Jul 6

Do you know that your imagination can be apart of your self-care? Even if you only have a minute, your imagination can help you nurture your mind+body and calm your nervous system, especially if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. You have the power and everything you need to transform how you feel in your mind+body and transform how you approach each moment.

An example of how your imagination can nurture and calm you is to imagine that you are in a beautiful place that feels nurturing and relaxing to you. Next, engage your senses to make the experience really come to life! What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch? Notice how engaging your senses makes you feel inside emotionally, while at the same time bring your attention to your physical senses to help you become fully present and to embody the experience.

Do you want to try? I will lead you to give you an example of how to do this using the gorgeous picture above.

Imagine you are on the peaceful beach shown in the picture above. See yourself walking barefoot on the sand toward the tree and the swing chairs. Feel your feet gently sink into the soft, cool sand, and see your footprints behind you. Walking on the sand feels grounding to you. After you reach the chairs, slowly climb into one of them. Feel your whole body sink into the fluffy pillows. It feels like a warm embrace, and you feel safe. As you settle in, the swing sways back and forth, gently rocking you and calming you. You look up and notice the sturdy tree branch fully supporting you. You let your body relax even more, and you feel lighter, less weighed down. You take in a big breath and push the air from your lungs. Suddenly, you notice a soft onshore breeze on your face, and you get the sense that all will be okay. You see and hear the soft rolling waves flowing onto the shore in front of you, and sweeping back to the ocean over and over again. The ocean's rhythm and salty swoosh soothes you and lulls you into a state of calm.

You may notice that you are more present, grounded, and focused and embody a sense of inner joyful peace. The aim is to help you feel calm, nurtured and empowered and ready get back to your day!


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